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Opportunities That Came From A Setback

Only the deepest gratitude to the all-City of Mesa employees involved, the Falcon Field Airport Administration, and Council Members Duff and Goforth for all the compelling content and contributions. These Grant Applications for the upcoming grant cycles are truly remarkable and will surely make a lasting impact.   

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Research and Development Grant Application $350,000

The Road to Recovering from the Damage and Loss

Historical Contributions of An Aircraft: A design that takes us into flight is a work of art 

Municipal Bureaucracy: Contributing factors pointing to misconduct, fraud, and retaliation

Answers and Solutions: Three-Year Plan, Budget, and Impact Projections 

Intro Summary

The Falcon Warbirds, based in Mesa, Arizona, is an organization that embodies the spirit of determination and resilience. Founded with the mission of including the general public in the aviation and aerospace community, they work tirelessly to develop the next generation of pilots, mechanics, astronauts, engineers, and professionals to operate and lead the airports and services of the future1. Despite facing challenges, such as bureaucratic corruption and contractual breaches1, the Falcon Warbirds continue to soar. They offer a range of programs and events, including formation flights, free public tours, and educational initiatives2. They also provide unique funeral ceremonies, missing man memorial flights, and exhibition formation demonstrations for airshows and other events3. Their unwavering determination is evident in their commitment to preserving the legacy of warbirds, aircraft that have played a vital role in shaping history2. They also honor the bravery and sacrifice of veterans through commemorative flights2. In the face of adversity, the Falcon Warbirds continue to rise, embodying the sentiment that “Perspective is Relative”. They embrace the challenge, navigate through difficulties, and remain steadfast in their mission, much like the warbirds they so passionately preserve and operate. Their story serves as a testament to the power of resilience and the enduring spirit of determination.                                                        

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Media Projects Grant Application $1,000,000

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Public Humanities Projects $1,000,000

Public Humanities Project Meeting Image

Digital Projects for the Public Grant Application Discovery $400,000 

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Preservation and Access Grant Application $350,000

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Dialogues on the Experience of War $100,000

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Public Impact Projects Grant Application $25,000

Public Impact Projects